You Need To See What Miley’s Doing In Miami

Suns out, tongues out y'all! Destiny Hope Cyrus is in Miami, and she's being more Miley than ever.
This week marked the kick off of Art Basel, the annual international art show where celebrities rub elbows with artists, critics, and wannabes alike. Cyrus is on the scene playing both artist and musician. (Or, perhaps a mix of both? Let's call it performance art.)
Artist Miley has a gallery show featuring her Dirty Hippie project. Colorful bursts of glue gunned pom-poms, beads, Slinkies, mock-cigs, air fresheners in the shape of bongs, and other phallic things line a room that also displays photoshopped images from her Instagram. One such masterpiece asks the audience why Artist Miley "tortures us with shit edits." It's what you might call a meta middle finger.
Meanwhile, Musician Miley channeled her demons poolside at the Raleigh Hotel, lighting up and wailing some tunes. She took Will Smith's lyric to heart and came "half-dressed, fully equipped."
See her antics in all their glory, ahead.

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