18 Photos In Which Miley Had A Better Fashion Week Than You

Miley Cyrus isn't just a tongue-flashing, twerking, wrecking-ball rider — she is an artist. And today, she debuted her line of jewelry and hair accessories for Jeremy Scott, along with a few standalone pieces, at the designer's runway show here in New York. Called Dirty Hippy, Miley's line looks a little more "Rolling Club Kid" to us.
There were neon beaded phrase bracelets, with "Twerk" and "All Hail Queen" being two of the ones you'd repeat in front of your mom. Necklaces were strung with lei flowers, star-shaped Slinkies, and pacifiers. Scrunchies came hot-glued with mini felt teddy bears and plastic ice cream cones. It's basically what would happen if Tumblr barfed all over your third-grade Lisa Frank folder.
Click ahead for the 18 pics of Miley selfie-ing, hot-glueing, and runway-strutting her way through Fashion Week. And, before you ask, yes, that is a person-sized, bedazzled bong you see. All she wants is to break your walls.

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