13-Year-Old Boy Comes Out To Friend & His Response Is The BEST

Coming out as gay is becoming less and less of a big deal (we hope) in most parts of the country, but it's still really scary. Especially for teenagers. That's why this text exchange between two 13-year-olds gives us all the feels.
Shared by the sister of the boy who was coming out, the exchange shows that, yes, even 13-year-old boys are capable of compassion.
The first boy is obviously very nervous, telling his friend, "I need to tell you something, I'm really upset."
He goes on to say, "I'm only telling this to you, please don't tell anyone else. I trust you bro. It's that I feel different. I don't know how to put it, but it's bad different."
This right here is why hate speech needs to stop. This kid is not bad for liking the same sex, and it's heartbreaking that he thinks he is.
"I don't feel the same way other boys feel about girls. Not normal right? I don't know. And bro, I don't want you to not be my friend anymore because...I feel the same that boys feel to girls...but to other boys. I'm so weird. It feels weird and bad."
His friend, who is awesome, says, "Bro we [have] been friends for 3 years and I'm glad you told me this. Who the fuck cares what people are going to say? You're awesome no matter what bro and I'm happy that [you're] my best friend. Don't be ashamed there's nothing to be embarrassed about. As a bro I'm gonna stick by you. Ain't nothing wrong with being gay my friend."
Slow clap to a very cool bro.

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