If Romance Novel Covers Were Real

Photo: Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan.com.
You know, in real life, when you're standing against a backdrop of galaxies and stars, and your diaphanous purple toga-dress can barely keep itself wrapped around your body, so torrid is your passion for the space warrior also currently wrapped around your body? Same. The only problem is our space warriors aren't always so well-sculpted that Adonis himself would interrupt our embrace to ask for workout tips.
Enter these unretouched, real romance novel covers from Cosmopolitan.com. The reimagined pulp jackets rip the veil off myths perpetuated on Harlequin paperbacks. Unlike Beyoncé, we can't all have wind machines blowing the hair off of our faces in the most come-hither of ways. Our paramours aren't all as equally hirsute on their heads as they are hairless below the neck. Have these cover bros even seen the world outside the gym or experienced a day without chest waxing?
We say, let men and women really be themselves, romance novel cover creators. Because if there's one thing we learned from Interstellar, it's that, in space, no one can exist without a helmet and an oxygen tank. It may not be the sexiest look, but it's certainly the most life-sustaining.
Photo: Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan.com.
For more romance novel covers in all their unretouched glory, head over to Cosmopolitan.com.

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