The REAL List Of The Best Cities For Single Women

Why do the “Best Cities for Single Women” lists always put the availability of single men as their top deciding factor? Man-snagging isn't everyone's number-one priority, and don't even get us started on how unhelpful these lists are for queer gals. Then there's the fact that an overabundance of single men can often make things unpleasant for single women.
So, we decided to update the ubiquitous list of best cities to reflect the real priorities of the modern, single woman. We looked at the largest metropolitan cities across the country (anything above 200,000 people) and asked these questions: Can you access birth control? Are you surrounded by healthy food and activities? Are there fun things to do besides slam beers? Will you be able to find a dream job with a dream salary to match? Can you afford childcare on your salary? Is your city LGBT-friendly?
Behold: The definitive list of cities where it is very, very good to be a single woman in 2014. You may be surprised.
Note: Many of our data points are only measured statewide, and cities tend to do better than rural areas on things like wage parity, health, career options, and educational attainment. So, D.C., for example, has a bit of an advantage since it's one big metropolis.

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