New Yorkers Get Honest About The New One Direction Album

Depending on who you ask, today was either the best or worst day of 2014. For New Yorkers, it was a cold, rainy weather situation that made our morning commute even worse. But, for the rest of the pop-music-loving world, it was the day we finally got Four, the new One Direction album. So, we wondered what would happen if we took the grumpiest people in the world, got them out of the rain for a few minutes, and convinced them to talk about the teenaged stylings of the U.K.'s biggest boy band.
Not everyone wanted to talk about Harry Styles and co. (That hat? Come on. You must have an opinion.) But, those who did stop and chat had some real opinions on the X Factor success story.
Watch as we try out the formula of Soggy New Yorker - Cold Rain + Small Amounts Of Heat + One Direction. Because if nothing else, everyone likes talking about if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are gonna date again or what.


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