What Do Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, & Gilmore Girls Have In Common?

Today, the Daily Mail reported that Harry Styles sent Taylor Swift 1,989 roses — a shout-out to the success of her latest album . This report has not yet been confirmed outside of an unnamed "source." The two have been broken up for almost two years, and Swift has literally gone on record to say they are never, ever getting back together.
But, if Styles did send all those flowers, would it work? Is there any way that he did so as a congratulatory gesture in hopes of becoming friends. Probably not, because he's 20 and the thirst is real. Just to make sure, though, we spoke with Kate Gilman, founder of Petal by Pedal in New York. "In general, it's hard to send bouquets of roses and translate it any way but romantically," she told us. " The larger the number of roses, the more dramatic the effect." Even more dramatic is Gilman's ballpark estimate that 1,989 roses would cost up to $10,000.
Roses — regardless of color — have the tendency to feel a bit played out, though. According to Gilman, it doesn't matter what kind of flowers Styles sent Swift."The most important thing to remember when sending flowers is to think most about what the recipient loves and tailor it to them. In this case, sending 1,989 of any flower is the perfect gesture to celebrate a killer album and the girl herself." Clever boy, that Styles. So, which is it? Is Styles a sweetheart looking to win back Swift? Or, has he just seen one too many rom coms? Ahead, an investigation on when flowers worked — and when they didn't — in pop culture romances.

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