Willow Shields, Or Katniss’ Sis, Really Loves J Lawr

Imagine, if you will, being Jennifer Lawrence's little sister. There you are, watching your older, cooler sister wrap Hollywood around her finger, seeing her in 100 different lights, while you just want to hang out with her. Willow Shields might understand that feeling; after all, she has, for the last four years, acted as the sister to the world's most in-demand young woman, the girl of whom everyone wants to claim a piece.
This, of course, refers not only to Jennifer Lawrence, but also her fictional counterpart Katniss Everdeen, whose trajectory has strangely mirrored Jen's own. (A girl whose talent has propelled her into the spotlight where she cleverly manipulates the media by just being herself. Fortunately, there probably won't be state-sponsored murder anytime soon.) Onscreen, the newest installment has factions fighting over Katniss. Off-screen, the Hollywood media does the same, and Willow has witnessed it all.
Being the little sister to The Girl On Fire is actually — as this film will prove — a pretty hefty responsibility. After all, it was Primrose who sends the entire Hunger Games story into action by initially being picked for The Reaping. Fortunately, the strong, tight-knit cast has — similarly to the film — protected Willow, giving the 14-year-old advice and guidance as she navigates Hollywood's waters. The Hunger Games aren't that much different from Tinseltown, anyway...

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