Gwyneth Paltrow Wasn’t Surprised By The Martin-Lawrence Split

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, we hardly knew ye as a couple. Your four-month-long relationship was a real roller coaster, though. If the tabloids were to be believed, things were getting extremely serious. Martin met Lawrence's parents. She was flying to see him on private jets. Apple and Moses Martin were hanging out with their potential new stepmom. J Lawr and Mr. Coldplay had discussed building a colony together on the moon where they could be alone and free of the prying eyes of paparazzi.
Fine, we made that last one up. However, given the rapid escalation of their relationship in the media, it wouldn't have been surprising to read about a Martin-Lawrence space jam.
For the brief duration of their relationship, there was always a third party involved: Gwyneth Paltrow. Martin and Paltrow announced their conscious uncoupling in March, so she was basically guaranteed to be part of the Martin-Lawrence narrative. People wanted to know what Paltrow thought, and gosh darn it, anonymous sources were going to tell tabloids exactly that.
In late August, said sources told Us Weekly that Paltrow had "no objections" to the "budding romance." According to one of Paltrow's friends, the actress and lifestyle doyenne thought Martin "could do worse." What a passive-aggressive non-comment. Thank you, ladies of River City.
This past Monday, we learned that Lawrence and Martin's brief courtship was over. No one was surprised, really. They dated, and things didn't work out. We'll never know why, because neither one of them comments on their personal life to the press, but it's none of our business.
It couldn't be entirely over yet; however, because we had yet to hear from the anonymous source peanut gallery. Finally, according to Radar Online, one hath spoken. "Gwyneth wasn't surprised by [the split]," a source told Radar. "She never thought the relationship was going to last because of their age difference. Jen is 24, and Chris is 37. Plus, Jen complained to Chris that she felt like the third wheel in their relationship because of all the time he spent with his kids."
The source went on to say that Paltrow also pressured Martin to be more involved with Apple and Moses. "The kids would constantly call Chris when he was with Jennifer, and whatever they were doing would have to come to a standstill. There was always the expectation from Gwyneth that Chris should spend even more time with the kids."
But, in the grand tradition of anonymous sources, this one backtracked a little to cover all bases. "Even though Gywneth didn’t take Chris’ relationship with Jen seriously, there is a chance they could get back together. Jen is young and impulsive, and Chris still has very strong feelings for her."
There you have it: Gwyneth Paltrow never took this whole Martin-Lawrence coupling seriously, but they could still get back together. Who even knows what the future holds for this odd couple. Nobody said it was easy. (Radar Online)

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