Kanye's Birthday Messages To Kim Are The Dopest

Yesterday was Kim Kardashian's birthday. We made a fun kwiz to celebrate! But, everyone was just waiting with bated breath to see how her husband, Kanye West, would express his own birthday message. After all, this is someone who in the past has described his relationship with Kim as "a love story for the ages." Would Yeezy pen a sonnet in perfect iambic pentameter? Hire a skywriter to tweet a hashtag across the Hollywood sky? #keezuswalks?
Although Ye decided to go a little smaller with his public display of birthday affection, he didn't disappoint. He tweeted two missives to Kim that are both sweet and pure Kanye.

Kim, on the other hand, was largely silent on social media for her birthday. She posted a photo on Instagram hashtagged #CFDA and #VOGUE, but otherwise took the day to unplug. All the while being the dopest wife and mom.

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