Is This The World’s First Hoverboard?

Photo: Courtesy of Arx Pax.
Tech-heads and Back To The Future obsessives are on cloud nine today, and they probably took the world's first hoverboard to get there. That's how a California start-up called Arx Pax is billing their new creation, the Hendo, whose Kickstarter account went viral today, thanks to a video showing the eye-popping board in action.
But, because the Hendo relies on magnets to reach its max levitation height of one inch off the ground, it's a far cry from the all-purpose board made famous by Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future Part II. In fact, the Hendo can only hover over surfaces made of non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper. Because it lacks a propulsion system, the Hendo "tends to drift aimlessly," according to Sean Buckley from Endgadget, who gave the board a test-spin recently. Buckley also added that there are pressure sensitive pads, and that "leaning on one side of the board convinces it to rotate and drift in the desired direction."
Greg Henderson is the man behind the Hendo, and admits that the ultimate goal is to create more of a Back To The Future facsimile, meaning full steering capabilities. But, if you like aimlessly floating above large swaths of metal, the 18th prototype of the Hendo is available for preorder with a $10,000 pledge.
But, if escaping bullies is your thing, for now we suggest going the old fashioned route and just use your feet. Check out the Hendo in action below. (Endgadget)

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