Put Your Shoes On, There's A New Marcel The Shell Video

With a simple tweet, Jenny Slate gave us life this Monday.
Slate's gift to us? The third installment in her adorably twee series with her husband, Dean Fleischer-Camp. This is the first Marcel the Shell video since 2011, and it's to help promote his new book, Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been.
The video doesn't disappoint. The tiny, one-eyed conch is back to spew his signature non sequiturs — and this time he's outside. Here's a brief rundown of Marcel's new bits of widsom:
— Sometimes when he gets stressed, his shell feels tight. But, he has ways of unwinding.
— Shrimp are the idiots of the sea.
— He has allergies to plants.
— Marcel has to wear deodorant between his shell and his shoes.
— He knows a guy who can eat a whole grape.
— His favorite saying is, "Life's a party; rock your body."
Marcel ends the video with his favorite song, which he learned at camp, and sings because his best friend lives far away. "When you come to the end of a perfect day, and you sit alone with your thoughts. When the chimes ring out with the carol gay for the joy that the day has brought. Do you think what the end of a perfect day could mean to a tired heart? When the sun goes down with the flaming ray, and the dear friends have to part."
We will forevermore close every day with that adorably perfect ditty. Ahead, revisit the past two videos in the Marcel trilogy. They are gosh darn delights.

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