Why Kelly Osbourne Welcomes The Fashion Police

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne.
Too often, we see brands excluding one side of the size spectrum or another — from stores that stock teeny one-size-only options to plus-specific shops that don't offer anything below a 14. Sometimes, the fashion world really feels like the Plastics table in Mean Girls — and there just isn't a seat for everyone.
Which is why we were thrilled when we saw Kelly Osbourne's collection at HSN (and launching on Bluefly on October 15). “Stories...” is filled with British influence, like deconstructed Union Jack prints and ladylike pussybow blouses, and it's all available in XS through 3X.
With the launch of her first collection (called “Chapter One”) going smoothly, we sat down with Osbourne to discuss her designs, her physical metamorphosis, and why she's okay switching places when it comes to the Fashion Police. Keep reading for the lavender-mohawked star's “Stories,” told her way.
Your collection has an extensive size range; how did you ensure the pieces would be flattering on a variety of shapes?
"With certain things…we had to move the position of the flowers, or the [built-in] shapewear, the shoulder pads, and certain darting. I've been many sizes — up to a size 16 U.S. — [so] I learned tricks I've implemented in the collection. The fabrics were key; I had to source the best ones."

Speaking of your size transformation, do you feel that you have been treated differently now that you are smaller?
"Yeah, people put so much emphasis on size, and that is why I want to take that out with my clothing line. I remember, for a while, it pissed me off. It was like, ‘You didn't like me before, [so] I'm not wearing your clothes.’ When someone changes, people don't know how to react, and getting certain attention for the first time, and [being] talked to by more men than I ever have before, it is something that you go through, like an emotional roller coaster of do I trust these people? Is this worth it? Do I believe them?

"I am still the same person even though I have grown up a lot. A lot of it has to do with me, as well, because I didn't feel I was pretty enough to be spoken to by guys. It is a whole growing process."
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Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne.

Did you have any negative experiences with any designers when you were bigger?

"I did, I had a lot when I was doing photo shoots. I remember one with my brother, and the racks would be filled with boys’ clothing, because people said they didn't envision me as part of their brand."

How do you feel the entertainment industry treats plus-size women or women that are larger than the typical sample size?

"For me, it is sad that…that is how they judge a person. It is evil. People have the right to be whatever size they want to be. There are pictures I look at of myself where I feel, Oh, I didn't look great that skinny. It is not about being skinny, it's about finding a way within yourself where you feel the most comfortable.

"I have friends who are really skinny and all they want to do is gain weight, and their bodies just aren't like that. I look at them, and I think god, you've got it easy; and they look at me and wish they could be like me. The grass is always greener on the other side.
"That is why it is important to me that my line isn't just publicized as a plus-size line, because it is not. My line is 0 to 24. I am trying to make it fair. I don't want to ever use the term "plus-size." The size you are is the size you are. I have friends that are a size 12 and in photographs they look skinnier than me. It is because they are all a lot taller... Everyone has a different body."

Tell us about your weight-loss journey, and how your style has evolved along with it.

"I didn't know how to eat properly. I am still learning a bunch of stuff even now. I learned to read labels, and that there is no such thing as a diet. This has been a journey of self-discovery when it comes to losing weight. I realize you can't jump in the deep end with losing weight. You have to find what makes you happy. With the fashion world...they shame you into thinking you aren't beautiful [by fitting] you into a different part of the store."

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Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne.
On Fashion Police you are there to bring some humor but mainly to critique people's outfits. What is the worst outfit you have ever been caught in?
"There are so many of them. I still do it all the time. People don't know that some of the outfits I put together on Fashion Police, I put them together because they make me laugh. Yes, it is all fun and games with my stylist. In actual reality when I have to relive it on TV all time, I am like, Oh, that is a little bit much...I am going to sit and judge people when I look like absolute crap in this outfit. Note to self: Don't do that again. That is what is so great about fashion: that you can have fun with it. If I am going to sit in that chair every week and talk about what people are wearing, people can talk about me, too. It comes with the territory."

Do you ever worry about hurting someone's feelings on Fashion Police?
"Of course I do, all the time. To be honest, most people love it when we are talking about them. They consider it such an honor. If they do have a problem with it, it is usually something I didn't say. I think this industry is changing a lot and people are starting to have more fun with themselves. They realize that it is all in the name of fun. It isn't meant with any ill will. I am not there to be a comedian; I am there to talk about clothes. In the grand scheme of things, if I don't like someone's dress, it won't really change [their] life."

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
"This [line] is such a labor of love and it isn't about being the next Stella McCartney. It is about making affordable clothes for women, [so] that they can style themselves. I am already in my third collection. We have grown so much between one and two and I am learning so much with three. This is a mission that I am passionate about and I can't even wait."

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