Ellen Interviews Portia; Hearts Melt

Just because Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are married doesn't mean Ellen is going to go easy on Portia in an interview. de Rossi appeared on her wife's show, and she got grilled. In the sweetest way possible, of course. Ellen played the clueless, bumbling reporter who wasn't going to be gentle on Portia just because they're married.
Ever the jokesters, DeGeneres and de Rossi were able to use the interview to address some hot-button issues that are always plaguing the couple. Specifically, are they going to have a baby? Who's going to die on Scandal this year? Can they read each other's minds? How did Portia recover from being born cross-eyed? How did they get the baby on Ally McBeal to dance? Which is cuter: baby goats or baby pandas?
Despite the joking questions, the interview is full of adorable Ellen/Portia moments. "You started as a model, and now you're married to a CoverGirl. Tell me about that," Ellen prompts. "I have good taste," Portia responds. Ellen winks.
There's also some slight marital discord. "The name if your book...is Unbearable Lightness," Ellen begins. "Why do you leave your socks by the edge of the bed all the time?" This is a actually a very important issue between spouses. We're glad someone is finally getting to the bottom of it. Cheers, Ellen and Portia.

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