Workout Leggings That Can Also Be Your Halloween Costume

One of the greatest joys is wearing your workout leggings all day. This feels even better when you trick everyone into thinking they're part of a real outfit — not just something you sweat in.
The same scenario is true on Halloween. We've called it a night far too many times because we simply couldn't stand another minute in painful heels and an itchy costume. But, now we're older, wiser, and tasked with the important mission of living life in spandex. Given these lofty dreams, we've found a pretty great solution for all our Halloween-costume needs. Why not add a few special accessories (and a witty spin) to our favorite fitness leggings?
Ahead, 19 creative, unexpected, and — most important — comfy Halloween costume ideas made up of items you already own. No itchy lace/sequins/glitter necessary.

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