Dying For Thigh Gap? You Can Totally Buy One!

Thigh gap is a tough beauty standard, probably because it is super-elusive. And, also physically impossible for most women.
With that in mind, sketch comedy group Just Boobs (OMG. LOVE.) created a spoof ad for "thigh gap jeans" to illustrate (and poke fun at) the ridiculous lengths to which we sometimes find ourselves going for an imagined beauty ideal that just doesn't exist.
It opens with one woman complimenting another for looking amazing. Then, the woman turns — hobbled by her forced thigh gap — to explain brightly that "they're on sale for just $69.99." Available in one-, two-, and three-inch sizes, the thigh gap jeans shove a wooden rod between women's legs to create that unattainable look.
The video is hilarious. But, before you think something like this could never happen, get thee to Google and look up foot binding or mull over our current obsession with body hair removal. Would anyone be really all that shocked to see jeans that sucked in thighs, Spanx-style?
Because, remember: Most thigh gap you see in ads and magazines isn't real. Even models have to fake their thigh gap.
But, if you don't have anyone photoshopping your real life (and if you do, please send them my way — my kitchen needs help), why not just jam a wooden rod between your legs and hobble off? Yes, it's that absurd.

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