The 50 Wealthiest Women In America, Mapped

mapembedImage: Movoto
Any idea who the wealthiest woman in America is? Where she lives? Well, real estate site Movoto thinks you should, and it has created an interesting map of where the wealthiest women in each state — no, Beyoncé's address is not included — that speaks volumes about wealth creating wealth.
The wealthiest woman in America is Wyoming resident Christy Walton, coming in at $37.6 billion (phew!). Number two? Texan Alice Walton with $33.5 billion (as reported in the 2014 Forbes 400). Taking the sixth and eighth most wealthy spots in the co-ed Forbes 400 overall, the aforementioned Waltons are joined in spots seven and nine by two male Waltons — Jim and S. Robson. Why so many billions in one family? They're the owners of the Walmart chain and, as such, are collectively worth around $140 billion. Something to mull over as they make news for cutting employee health insurance and raising employee co-pays.
A look through Movoto's map, however, shows that while most of these ladies are businesswomen or involved in philanthropy, the bulk of their fortunes are inherited. This was true of the men on the overall list as well, with a few notable exceptions, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg. On the Movoto map you'll notice that Astrid Menks is the wealthiest overall, but that's based on family wealth — her husband is Warren Buffet.
Where do the billions come from, besides Walmart? Mars Candy (yum!), Google, Nike, Dell Computers, and the Hyatt hotel chain.
But, there's another noticeable detail among the wealthiest women. It is a very, very white group. Only Oprah Winfrey is on the Forbes list, and there is zero diversity in among the wealthiest women in each state: 50 states, 50 white women. A bright light? New to the overall list this year is CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who founded her blood diagnostics company at just 19 years old. At 30, she is now a billionaire nine times over. (Movoto)

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