YouTube Will Wish You An Insane Happy Birthday

If you think the children of celebrities have it made in the shade, think again.
An intrepid Reddit user recently discovered that if you search "happy birthday" and your first name on YouTube, an epic birthday song courtesy of EpicHappyBirthdays will pop up just for you. For example, here's mine:
But, if your parents happen to be famous, we have some pretty crummy news. Does Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter, Apple, want to see a giant turtle do gymnastics for her birthday? No dice. Do you want dogs in party hats dance for your born day? Sorry, North West, your parents should have named you Lisa or something. Are dancing sheep like, your thing? Better luck next time, Brooklyn Beckham.
The moral of this story is, the next time a celebrity couple wants to name their child after an obscure 16th century Tibetan monk, think about the day they stumble on this article.
No drag racing clowns = worst birthday ever. (TIME)

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