Launching Today: A Device That Trains Your Orgasms

Starting today, you can take a much more active role in your ability to achieve multiple orgasms. The self-love innovators at LELO have created a new device that's designed to gauge your potential for longer, more intense climax. Then, it will help you meet that potential.
Worn internally, the LUNA Smart Bead uses touch sensors to measure and really get to know its wearer. You only have to wear it for five minutes for it to take into account virtually every muscular squeeze and movement. From there, the Smart Bead develops a routine to meet your specific needs and abilities. Basically, it's your personal orgasmic trainer.
When asked why this product is worth getting excited about, LELO had this to say: "It has the potential to transform the satisfaction of women everywhere to experience fuller, more intense orgasms. It looks so simple, but has a huge amount of technology and research behind it."
Today, it's available for purchase. Because the Kegel Fitbit is still only in development, this is the very first orgasm trainer on the market, retailing for $109. We may not always drag ourselves to the gym, but fitting in this workout is definitely worth it.

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