Heartwarming Photos Of The First Same-Sex Marriages In 5 States

Sometimes, no news is good news. Yesterday, the Supreme Court declined to hear five states' cases against same-sex marriage. In doing so, SCOTUS effectively legalized marriage equality in those states.
Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wisconsin are all beginning to offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples this week, and the ruling also applies to six more states. Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, West Virginia, and Wyoming are likely to follow suit. That will bring the total up to 30 states that allow same-sex marriage, up from just 19 last week. Then, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans — 60% in fact — would live in places with marriage equality.
It also means weddings, last-minute, excited, run-to-City-Hall-because-we've-been-waiting-decades-for-this weddings! Such eagerly anticipated unions are filling up Instagram feeds around the country. To celebrate, we rounded up some of our favorites.

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