Taylor Swift, Born In 1989, Is Inspired By “The Ugly ‘80s”

When Taylor Swift decides to adopt a fashion trend, she goes all in, whether she's sporting kittens as an accessory or proudly wearing a meta Internet meme across her chest. Given that her forthcoming album, 1989, is inspired by ‘80s pop, it’s not surprising that T.Swift is incorporating the decade into every aspect of her life right now — including her clothing.
As British Vogue’s October cover girl, she’s throwing back to the ‘80s in a major way with retro staples like sweater tanks, off-the-shoulder knits, and tons of neon. (Oh, and did we mention the mullet?) This unexpected mishmash of styles probably conjures up cringe-worthy memories for many, but not Taylor — mostly because she wasn’t there to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of them in real time.
"Because I wasn’t there, I only see the highlight reel," Swift told photographer Mario Testino on set. Yes, Taylor was born in December of 1989, making her alive for mere weeks of her most-missed decade. While this touch of wide-eyed nostalgia (not to mention British Vogue's fashion team) gives the '80s-inspired clothing a glamorous revamp, we've got our fingers crossed that mullets and Flashdance attire don't come back for good. (British Vogue)

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