5 Praise-Yeezus Ways Kanye West Could Drop His New Album

Rumors of an impending eighth Kanye West album have been circulating for awhile. Yeezy hinted in his recent GQ profile that it would most likely arrive in September. But, September has come and gone and we are still Yeezus-album-less.
Perhaps Kanye is waiting for an opportune time when we least suspect a drop. Maybe he wants to pull a Beyoncé. Or a U2. We all remember where we were when we learned that Bey had unleashed a brand-new, full album out into the world. Or, when U2 and Apple decided to clog our phones with their latest work.
In fact, Kanye is definitely looking to pull a Bey/Bono. According to Idolator, “Ye is taking Yoncé’s lead and dropping his album with no promotion, too.”
The thing about Kanye, though, is that he’s not merely going to repeat what someone has already done. No, Yeezus’ next album must be unleashed upon the masses in a way we’ll never forget. Keeping that in mind, we have some clever ideas for how the next EP from Mr. West might arrive.

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