In Case You Forgot, Beyoncé Wakes Up Like This

This isn't Beyoncé's first no-makeup selfie. But, it's her most important, because now we understand what a morning at Chez Z is like. Bey wakes up, flawless. And, while she documents this on Instagram, she doesn't caption it with her famous lyric. Because that would be cliché at this point, you know?
You know what's not cliché? A backdrop of roses. And, you just know that underneath that rose wall (which is a touch Kim K if you ask us) there are piles of cash — stacks on stacks on stacks. Sometimes it's like, "Jay, where's Blue Ivy?" and he's all, "She's playin' in the pile of hundies...OH!" Because that's how it has to be, right?
Once the morning photo session is done and the world's most famous child is pulled from her c-note-stuffed playpen, it's a family trip to Starbucks. No need to go out though, because there's a 'bucks right there in their home. The barista's still spelling her name wrong, though, always forgetting the accent on the "e." But, Bey's not mad, because we all girls, and don't you know that she loves you?
Then she takes her Oprah Chai Latte and continues to never tweet, ever.

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