This Is What Kanye Got Kim For Mother’s Day

One thing's for sure: Kanye West doesn't do anything by half measures. A Hallmark card, some daisies, and a trip to IHOP? Please. It turns out that no gesture is too grand when it comes to celebrating Kim Kardashian's first Mother's Day.
So, what did North West's doting mama wake up to this fine Sunday morning? Oh, just a wall of flowers — specifically roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. Anyone got a really, really big vase?
There's no denying that the floral display is gorgeous and just the sort of splashy gift we'd expect from Yeezus. But, what exactly does one do with it? Use it as a pretty backdrop for selfies? Climb it? Flip it over and repurpose it as a rather fragrant sunbed?
Here's the biggest question: How on earth will Kardashian — who just threw her bridal shower — top this for Father's Day next month? Something tells us a World's Best Dad mug isn't going to cut it.

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