The Bad Gal Thrives: Rihanna Might Have A Secret Instagram

Praise be to @bahdgalriri. For happiness, joy, and a shameless sense of not giving a you-know-what has been restored in the world — and it's all thanks to the powers of Instagram and the presence of Rihanna.
Well, maybe.
Styleite first alerted us to the existence of a certain Insta-account by the name of @bahdgalriri. With bated breath, we scrolled through its feed: a healthy mixture of marijuana, selfies, Rihanna's niece, personal photo shoots, and videos. They seemed authentic. These Instas felt like she actually took them.
"Could it be?" we asked, as hope washed over us. This feed felt good. It felt like being home again — like being back in a time when Rihanna would candidly share the moments of her life. Back when her Instagrams were sending people to jail left and right. Back when @badgalriri became an adjective. Back when the world made sense.
Not since May 5, 2014 (the day the Bad Gal departed) has tapping "follow" felt so good. If this is indeed Rihanna's new Instagram account, then hallelujah! What a day it is to be alive.
Of course, this could be the work of a super-fan aggregating Rihanna's uploads into one easy-to-view platform. And, if it is, many thanks. But, let's not focus on negativity. Let us instead cautiously begin to believe. For she has rihturned. (Styleite)

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