Miranda July Made A Purse For Neurotics Like Us

If you're a fan of Miranda July, cute box bags, or things that are organized neatly, The Miranda Bag will surely be the most exciting thing you've seen all day. Created by writer, artist, and filmmaker July in tandem with L.A.-based accessories brand Welcome Companions, this super-limited purse (only 100 to be had) is sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony, and for us, just a peek at the interior was enough to light up the anal-retentive, obsessively organizational, Virgo-rising parts of our brains.
As July explains in this interview with OC, the bag comes pre-stocked with items July actually carries in her own purse daily. There's a scrap of a security blanket, a faux-photo of July's son, a hidden $20 bill for emergency cab fare, a bottle of homeopathic sleep aid Calms Forte, and a teensy pocket suitable for carrying one almond "in case of low blood sugar." Which makes our haphazard stash of Kind bars feel downright indelicate in comparison.
But, possibly the bag's most useful feature is the set of July-penned conversation cards to help defuse tricky situations. Our favorite reads: "Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shake hands and go find other people to talk to." The cards will be sold separately at OC's L.A. store, which is great, because they can save so many people from getting stuck in corners at parties.
Click ahead for a closer look at the little, diorama-like bag and its trove of handy wonders. Thanks to Miranda July for truly thinking of everything. (Opening Ceremony)

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