37-Year-Old Lawyer Is Officially The World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan

"A thousand points to Gryffindor!" is what we imagine Professor McGonagall would say after seeing Asher Silva Vargas' collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. The 37-year-old lawyer from Mexico has spent the last 14 years amassing the assorted figurines, scarves, wands, and other Potter paraphernalia. Now, he's earned the Guinness Book of World Records distinction of having the world's largest Harry Potter collection.
Vargas never set out to earn this accolade, but he decided to go all-in on his trove when it became too large to fit in just one room. Now, he's got a Little Mermaid-esque grotto, full of gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. (And, yes, there are whozits and whatzits galore.) When it comes to the available assortment of Harry Potter memorabilia, there are plenty of thingamabobs with which to expand one's collection.
The Telegraph reports that Vargas currently has 3,097 pieces of merchandise. The previous record (yes, this is a benchmark that exists) was only 807 pieces. We can only guess that person is stewing silently in a chamber of secrets, the clear Draco to Asher Silva Vargas' Harry.
Vargas says his friends and family members all helped contribute to his growing collection, but confessed: "My salary, my bonuses...it all ended up here." Though, it's much more interesting to imagine him taking out one of his many wands and saying "Accio, merchandise!" A Muggle can dream, can't she? (Telegraph)

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