Is #Feelingnuts The New Ice Bucket Challenge?

Our T-shirts are still damp following the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the world this summer, and there's already a new awareness campaign taking over social media.
#Feelingnuts was started by the U.K.-based Check One Two, an organization devoted to raising awareness for testicular cancer. The challenge — which asks men to pose mid-crotch grab — began in late August, but recently gained steam after a number of celebrities decided to go NSFW for a good cause. And, though the likes of Ricky Gervais and 5 Seconds of Summer couldn't launch the campaign into the stratosphere, one man did: Hugh Jackman.
The A-list actor tweeted a photo of himself at the gym Wednesday, accompanied by three other strapping gents, all with their hands on their respective crotches.
"I accept #feelingnuts raising awareness for testicular cancer," Jackman wrote, before challenging Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Strahan, and Ricky Gervais. Gervais, as we mentioned, already took the challenge in August, and is the one who originally challenged Jackman. Wolverine just loves to pay it forward.
After the undeniable success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which helped raise $100 million for ALS research, the effectiveness of these types of viral campaigns can no longer be denied. Especially when celebrities throw their weight behind them. Though the #feeelingnuts campaign doesn't include a call for a donation, it does help "spread awareness far and wide of #feelingnuts in funny, ball grabbing, and pant dropping ways” according to Check One Two's mission statement. It's also meant to “educate men, and the women in their lives, about how to check their nuts for testicular cancer.”
So, ladies, the next time you see the men in your life getting grabby, you'll know it's for a good cause. (Mashable)

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