Facebook Apologizes, Will Change Its Real-Name Policy

2Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer, issued an apology on behalf of the company earlier today. He also announced it would change its real-name policy. Now, users won't have to use their legal names on the social media platform.
This decision comes after drag performers voiced outrage at having to use their legal names. Some said they felt "outed" by the requirement.
Users who didn't use their "real name" saw their Facebook profiles deactivated. They couldn't access messages or other features. Given their demand for a looser interpretation of identity, many users — including drag performers and those who support them — left Facebook for new ad-free platform Ello.
"To everyone affected by this, thank you for working through this with us and helping us to improve the safety and authenticity of the Facebook experience for everyone," Cox wrote in his statement. Now the question remains: Will Ello users give it up to return to the comfort blanket that is Facebook? (Mashable)

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