A New, More Badass Way To Wear Lace This Spring

Sacai is quickly becoming one of the shows we look forward to most each season. It's one of those collections that not only looks good from every angle (and every seat in the Palais, where it shows), but also has something for everyone. Spring '15 is no different. Utilitarian dressers and bohemian enthusiasts alike will rush to invest in the brand's dresses. Some frocks transition from army green, button-closed collars to sheer floral on the bottom; others mix button-up, high-neck collars with chunky, loose-knit lace that explodes off the sides for a look that is both structured and delicate. It's this mix of hard and soft, feminine and masculine, that sets the Sacai styling apart. It's surprising, but not contrived. These lace-and-stripes-and-army-inspired pieces are like the sartorial equivalent of a clown's gun exploding fake flowers. And, we buy into it every damn time.

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