We Can All Stop Feeling Sorry For Kendall Jenner Now

kj embedPhoto: Via @kendalljenner.
If you've been feeling sorry for Kendall Jenner ever since those model bullying rumors began to circulate, you can officially stop now. According to an interview with momager Kris Jenner on Fashion Week Daily, those rumors were basically made up out of whole cloth. In fact, mom says, the fashion-iest member of the Jendashian clan gets along famously with her fellow catwalkers. So much for those Diet Cokes garnished with a jealous model's cigarette.
"I would like to set the record straight and say [bullying rumors are] 150 percent not true," Kris told The Daily. "They have been so welcoming, especially at the Tommy Hilfiger show." Kris describes the world runway models inhabit as "a sorority" — a place where we all know no hazing or jealous antics ever occur.
Kris goes on to call the rumors "complete lies and fabrications," an assertion we hope is true. We hated picturing Kendall backstage, glumly sipping her adulterated beverages, all alone, with no fellow models to air kiss or text next to. One thing's for sure, though: This is the last time we'll ever take "a source" at In Touch magazine's word as gospel. (Fashion Week Daily)

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