Derek Jeter's Final Home Game Was Pure Baseball Magic

It's been a rough few months in sports. Disturbing reports, video tapes, suspensions, and cover-ups have dominated the headlines, so much so that wait — there are actual games to play? That's why, when the clouds moved in on New York City yesterday threatening to cancel Derek Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium, we thought "of course." Then, just before first pitch, the clouds parted, and a rainbow hung over the Bronx, setting the stage for one of the greatest moments in the history of sports.
In the history of sports. That may sound like hyperbole, but it's not. Not even close.
Derek Jeter built his career on the big moment. For 20 years, the Yankee shortstop has been making plays when it counted most. It's how he earned the nickname "Captain Clutch." It's why he'll take his place alongside Ruth, Mantle, and Gehrig as one of the greatest to ever wear the pinstripes. It's why when he stepped to the plate in the bottom of the ninth in a tie game with a runner on second, in what would ultimately be his final at bat in Yankee stadium, we thought "of course."
You've probably seen what happened next, and really there are no words. For those that haven't, watch the video above. For those that have, well, all we can really do is tip our caps. Jeter's nephew, below, has the right idea.
Photo: REX USA/Rex.

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