Time-Lapse Selfies: Your New Vanity Project

ErinYamagata_JonathanSimkhai__MG_1704Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
You've got dozens of emails to tackle before you leave the office for the weekend, a dinner party you stupidly decided to host, and piles upon piles of dirty laundry that needs washing. Alas, you've also got a new vanity project — the new app enabling you to take time-lapse selfies — which probably means that none of that other stuff is going to get done. Whomp.
Social media has reached the dawn of the "selfielapse," and it's all down to the Hyperlapse app for Instagram. The app's new update allows users to shoot time-lapse videos using their phone's front-facing camera, complete with two timers and a default 6x playback speed.
Here's an example of what a "selfielapse" looks like. Warning: dizziness may occur.
Just imagine what this could do, not only for you and your ego-stroking selfies, but for celebrities as well. Sure, Kim Kardashian's got a whole book of selfies , but does she have an HBO special devoted to her selfielapses? (No, thank god.) Could Madonna turn every selfie into a "Ray of Light" promo? And, could this playback speed, combined with everything else going on in her photos, give Miley Cyrus' Instagram followers seizures?
For now, we're too busy playing with our new toy to care. (Mashable )

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