Cara Delevingne Proves There's A Fine Line Between Sexy & Silly

Call it "A Tale Of Two Caras." One one hand, there's the sultry, steely-eyed Cara Delevingne we know from her ad campaigns and runway walks. And then, there's the adorably goofy Cara who pulls faces, loves bacon, and engages in possibly drunk PDAs at Knicks games. Sometimes it's tough to reconcile the two sides of our favorite It Brit, but this video helps.
In John Hardy's fall '14 campaign reel, Cara D. shows an uncanny ability to go from sultry to silly in zero seconds flat, and it's a truly amazing sight. Watch the supermodel work it on a black-sand Bali beach, going from toothy grin to sexy, cold-eyed stare in an instant. Or, go from literally screaming about the cold (clothes not being a part of this particular shot), to giving the camera pure, supermodel face. What you are watching here, ladies and gentlemen, is a pro. Never change, Cara D. — we love both of you.

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