Karl Lagerfeld Says Designers Have Ego Problems — But He Doesn’t

karlPhoto: Via @nikosaliagas.
Whether on the runway at Chanel and Fendi or in his eponymous retail line, Karl Lagerfeld’s face, name, and personal brand are everywhere. But, while it’s impossible to miss his iconic image, the real man behind the signature white ponytail, sunglasses, and gloves is much more difficult to uncover.
Luckily, we picked up some major Karl-isms from the enigmatic designer's recent interview with Business of Fashion — and his advice on life and career is exactly as amazing (ridiculous?) as you’d expect. According to Lagerfeld, the secret to his success ironically lies in, well, not caring. “If I feel like I am on the wrong track, or they do not see things the way I see them, then I forget about it,” he says of his namesake clothing label. “I lose interest. It can be my name; it can be everything. I don’t care about my name.”
This emotional detachment might sound strange coming from a man who literally wears his own face on his pants, but judging from Lagerfeld's clothing empire, it’s clearly working. And, in true Karl fashion, the designer also has some advice for up-and-comers: Ditch the ego. “I don’t have an ego problem. Most of the designers, especially the young ones, have ego problems. I couldn’t care less. The label is the label, and I try what I can do.”
Check out more of Lagerfeld’s life tips at Business of Fashion. But, unless you’re a global fashion star like him, it’s probably best to take this all with a grain of salt. (Business of Fashion)

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