Don’t Hate Us — We Got To Make Our Own Marni Necklaces

It's easy to pick out the Marni loyalists among the fashion obsessives in Milan. They live exclusively in colors last popular in ‘70s kitchen appliances (avocado and salmon, anyone?). While some women prefer stilettos, box clutches, and baroque earrings, the Marni bunch sticks to loafers, watches, and extremely chunky necklaces made of wood and plastic.
This crowd is even easier to spot when it flocks together, which it did at the Marni Flower Market at the Rotonda della Besana: a revelation of garden-inspired Marni totes and bags, and all manner of blooms, garden sculptures, and lawn furniture. Though we could have spent all afternoon playing in the greenery, the real treat was tucked away in the back: a DIY necklace station stocked with the wooden beads, floral petals, PVC tubing, and plastic blossoms made of cut-up water bottles to make our own Marni-fied accessories. Though our design prowess is a far cry from Consuelo Castiglioni’s, we were able to cobble together a pretty piece while lounging on the printed picnic blankets spread out across the lawn. Our motor skills might not have improved much from our camp macaroni jewelry days, but with this Marni spin, the results are much more chic.
And, sorry Mom. Though this is probably the one handmade craft you’d actually want to receive, we’re holding onto this one.
The Cut's @stellabugbee proves a Marni girl loves a good, neutral palette.
This writer (also known as @conconwang) finds the beauty in an old Aquafina bottle.
@albertorusso_ makes a daisy chain.
@ariannaalessi shows the whole, multicolored spread.

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