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The Tiny Hamster Eats Hot Dogs, Gets Super Famous

The Tiny Hamster has officially gone Hollywood.
In this brand new video, the furry viral sensation appears alongside bonafide F-lister Kobayashi, a man famous for shoving hot dogs down his throat in rapid succession. The clip is meant to suggest that the Tiny Hamster and Kobayashi actually engaged in a legit hot dog eating contest, but we know better, don't we? It's clear right off the bat that what we see here is nothing more than a clever combination of camera trickery and special effects.
We tried contacting the Tiny Hamster to comment on the controversial video, but his PR person initially refused to return our calls. When we finally managed to break down his wall of handlers, we were told that the Tiny Hamster was currently shooting a St. John Philby biopic in the Gobi desert, with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. According to his agent, the Tiny Hamster doesn't get back into the country until December, when we'll be granted a seven minute interview at his rental in Laurel Canyon. No pictures, though.
It looks like someone's let fame go to his head. His body might be tiny, but his head sure ain't. I guess I'm just bitter because we used to be pals, and I miss my friend.

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