Our Fashion Week Game Show Involves Selfies, Hard Truths

As a long-standing editor here at Refinery29, I've come up with a lot of ideas for the site — last time I checked, my article count was north of 1,600. I've loved some ideas more than others. Some that, in retrospect, I look on with pride and some with a cringe. But, no concept has elicited quite as hilariously mixed feelings as the "Truth Or Trunk" show that I premiered this Fashion Week.
Truth or Trunk works just like that favorite prepubescent party game, Truth or Dare. If a contestant chooses "truth," they have to answer any question I ask, no matter how crazy or personal. If they go for "trunk," they must pick an accessory from my trunk and take a selfie with it. Catch is, the accessories are clown wigs, googly eyes, and shark masks. Little did I know, embarking upon this shoot, that I, too, would be wearing clown wigs, googly eyes, and shark masks. Or, that it would be quite this contentious to have people get their hands (and, okay, heads) dirty in front of street style photographers. Either way, the end result is just as kooky as the experience. Sure, I may have blushed a little while putting on a monkey costume in front of my mentors and peers, but who cares? It was behind a mask!

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