These Snoop Dogg Socks Could Get You In Serious Trouble

Track suits, Jesus pieces, bucket hats, bongs. These are but a few of the items we'd expect to see in a Snoop Dogg collaboration. But, instead, The Doggfather has teamed up with every fashion person's favorite sock brand, Happy Socks. And, the result made us raise our brows when we received a sneak-preview sample.
Part of a collaboration called "The Art of Inspiration," the limited-edition line of three socks includes a Rasta-themed print, a cartoon-eye design drawn by Snoop himself, and the blue, bandana-print socks seen here. So, there's really no delicate way to put this: Did anyone else immediately think "Crip socks" when they saw these?
After all, Snoop is the dude who's rapped repeatedly, in song after song about his allegiance to the Crips. He even named a song "C-Walking" after the West Coast gangster dance of choice (guess what the "C" stands for). And, in case you were too young to catch it back then, when he raps in "Beautiful" about "twisting up his fingers and wearing dark blue," he's not complaining about his arthritis.
Of course, Happy Socks is a Swedish brand, and thus may not have the same associations with the blue bandana print as those who grew up in Compton (or, you know, Western New York, but steeped in West Coast rap). But, its designers are surely aware of the naughtiness going on at toes of these cozy pairs — click ahead to see.
Now, when you forget your favorite drink recipe (probably due to there being so much drama in the LBC), all you need to do is look down.
The full collaboration will be available to shop on November 1. And, as long as we're making controversial hosiery, we'd like to put in our vote for a pair inspired by Snoop's highly underrated 2008 slow-jam ode to lady-pleasing, "Sensual Seduction."

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