Eyelash Fringe Is A Thing You Should Know About

During NYFW it's easy to point out clothing worn for the sole reason of "getting noticed" (a.k.a. getting photographed). These items are often bright, big, or embellished. Which makes sense. Clothing with a "thing" is very visual.
But, pieces like this can often feel gimmicky, get old quickly, and ultimately wind up in the dusty desktop folder of the mind labeled "trends passed." On the contrary, Thakoon's spring '15 collection had a "thing" that was anything but gimmicky or disposable and has been top of mind ever since. That thing? Eyelash fringe.
Yes, these little patches of oversized, knit-like lashes were sewn onto oversized silk vests, crisp work shirts, and subtly polka-dotted dresses. Though they're definitely fun additions to the garments, they're not young, they're not trendy, and they certainly don't take away from the sophistication of the looks. Eyelash fringe may be a new concept, but memorize them, invest in them, (maybe even DIY them?), cuz we're betting they're not gonna go away in the blink of an eye.

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