Today: The Great Cara D. X Mulberry Scavenger Hunt Begins!

We don't like keeping secrets. But, we've been holding this one in for a little bit, and it's time to finally spill our guts. Today, something pretty rad is going to happen. Mulberry is going to give you the chance to win a just-launched Cara Delevingne bag. And, we're going to help.
You see, Cara Delevingne has partnered with the British brand to craft a silhouette that meets every supermodel's bag needs — it packs essentials, and it can be worn as a handbag or a backpack. And (stick with us) we've partnered with Mulberry (who partnered with Cara) to bring that goodness to you. Listen up: We've fashioned 30 R29 x Mulberry bikes that are stationed all around NYC. The biker girls (think less Harleys-and-leather, more baskets-and-bells) will be handing out Cara Delevingne totes. Inside the totes, there will be keys. You must take the key to a Mulberry location and try to unlock the padlock of a Mulberry bag — then, it's yours to keep. Catch is, only three lucky keys will work. So, find the girls, find the key, find your bag. You've got until Sunday, September 14 to claim your prize. Ready, set, GAME ON.
Click through to find out where to get the totes/keys today and for pics of Cara's design process.

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