J.K. Rowling Totally Shuts Down A Homophobic Twitter User

jkrowling-embedPhoto: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.
For such a prolific writer, J.K. Rowling doesn't actually tweet that much. When she does, however, her words are powerful.
Back in May, the Harry Potter scribe tweeted, "It's the 16th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. I'm having a moment's silence over my keyboard. I hated killing some of those people." Today, someone took it upon himself to respond.
"@jk_rowling once u revealed Dumbledore was homosexual I stopped being a fan. Nice how u blindsided us with that one. Enjoy your billion $," Twitter user @halfelven55ff replied (in a tweet that has since been deleted).
Um, nope. Rowling was quick to respond.
Brian Souter is an extremely wealthy businessman from Scotland. According to PolicyMic, "In 2000, he agreed to donate 1 million pounds to fund a campaign to fight the prohibition of Section 28, which forbade the promotion of homosexuality in schools. More recently, he donated 1 million pounds to the Scottish Nationalist Party, which has continually voiced its opposition to gay marriage."
Basically, J.K. Rowling just orchestrated the perfect type of shutdown. She wasn't outright rude to @halfelven55ff — in fact, she was kind of helpful. Still, her response conveyed the message perfectly: J.K. Rowling does read replies, and she hasn't got time for homophobia. Mischief managed. (PolicyMic)

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