Forget About Bubble Baths — Here’s A Bunny Bath!

A man woke up one morning and decided that today he wanted to drown in cuteness.
"It's impossible," his friends said. "For thousands of years, people have been trying to drown in cuteness, and no one has ever lived to tell their tale."
"I don't care, friends," he said. "Today, I will drown in cuteness. Mark my words, and then wish me luck."
"Consider your words marked," they said. "Good luck."
The man set off, first to the Dogs Holding Umbrellas convention that was happening on the city's outskirts. He was denied entry because he wasn't on the list.
His next stop was the Museum of Camp Letters Written By Kids To Their Parents, but the man missed the trolly downtown.
Then, just as he was about to concede, our hero saw a lone bunny rabbit staring at him from across the street. It winked, knowingly. The man decided to follow it down a dark alley, past a shopping mall, then zigzagging through the city's subterranean underbelly.
Finally, the man emerged in a dewy meadow surrounded by bunny rabbits. And, that's when this happened:

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