Goodbye To MSN Messenger, An Aughties Relic

messenger1Photo Courtesy of MSN.
Call it the Gchat effect.
MSN Messenger, the ubiquitous instant messaging platform of the early aughties, is no more. After 15 years of facilitating hookups between high school kids, Microsoft will finally pull the plug on its online chat program this fall.
Windows Live Messenger (as it's currently known) will officially be put to bed on October 31. And, while many believed it already extinct, it is still operational in China.
At its peak, Messenger claimed 300 million users, and held the title of the most widely used messaging service in the world. However, as Microsoft began focusing its attention on Skype — after purchasing the video chat platform for $8.5 billion — and Google unveiled their acclaimed Gchat, Messenger suddenly felt antiquated.
So, in honor of the fallen service, here's a transcript of a chat this writer had eight years ago. One that changed his life forever.
Daniel says: Hey Jessica. Do you want to come over and watch The O.C.?
Jessica says: Ew, no.
Daniel says: Why not?
Jessica says: Because you're a boy and you smell bad.
Daniel says: lol.
Jessica says: I'm serious. You should really consider showering.
Daniel says: That settles it. From this day forward, I will shower ever single day, for the rest of my life.
And, so I did.

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