“My Boyfriend Is Too Hot” & Other #SofiaVergaraProblems

sofia-vergara-largePhoto: NBC via Getty Images.
Believe it or not, Sofia Vergara and Jay Z have something in common. Much like Hova, Sofia also has 99 problems. Her trials are probably slightly different than Jay's, though. We learned about a few on the Emmys red carpet tonight. Let's tackle them one at a time, shall we?
1. Vergara didn't bring boyfriend of two months Joe Manganiello to the Emmys. "He's really hot; that's why I didn't bring him. He's too hot and too tall. He takes up a lot of space. I'm like, 'Listen, Joe, please, don't go,'" Sofia told Giuliana Rancic. She simply had to leave him at home, lest he steal any of her spotlight. "[He's] too handsome, too sexy."
2. She likes to have wine at dinner, so she can never go on a crazy diet.
3. Despite Giuliana's protests, she hasn't named her boobs things like "Marie-Christine." We know, right?!
4. No one will ask about her lipstick. It's CoverGirl 507, just FYI.
5. She can't remember the name of her nude nail polish color during her finger-trot in the Mani-Cam.
On this Emmy night, ask not what you can do for your country, ask what you can do to alleviate one of the sexiest woman alive's #SofiaVergaraProblems.

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