Kate Moss Designed A Champagne Glass Shaped Like WHAT?

embedPhoto: Courtesy of 34 Restaurant.
In what is surely the most bananapants supermodel news since we found out how much Gisele makes, Kate Moss has teamed with a sculptor and London restaurant 34 to create a Champagne glass in her honor, The Independent reports. Is it etched with her famed motto, "Never explain, never complain"? Printed with one of her most famous frocks? That'd be a no on both counts. The coupe in question is actually created in the shape of Kate Moss' breast — her left one, if you thirst for specifics.
Moss had British artist Jane McAdam Freud create a mold of her breast, which was then used to form the glass. The base of the coupe is etched with her "Kate" signature and a small heart. The glasses will be available for purchase at 34 in October, and Kate herself will be there to toast their debut with a room full of revelers drinking — what else? — Dom Pérignon, darlings.
Moss said in a statement that ''Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions, and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.'' If anyone's going to be in London this fall, make sure to pick one up — short of actually drinking your Dom out of a supermodel's shoe, this is surely the most fabulous flute of all time.

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