Proof That Vogue Is The Most Fabulous Of Them All

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Vogue.
What do cheetahs, elephants, skunks, gibbons, pythons, and Lauren Hutton have in common? Together, they've made over 30 appearances in the pages of Vogue. This, and so many other fascinating facts about the fashion world's bible appear in a new infographic at T Magazine. Taken as a whole, this chart definitively proves, once and for all, that Vogue is the most fabulous of them all.
Let's take a peek at the numbers, shall we? Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor-in chief (and noted Ice Bucket Challenge accepter) has attended 3,000 fashion shows during her 26-year tenure at the magazine. That's about 115 per year — no wonder she never has time to step-and-repeat for the street-style photographers.
And, your dude friends might have a secret they're keeping. Turns out that, while only 12% of Vogue's print readers are male, a whopping 42% of its online readers are. Don't be ashamed, men — we love those Bieber and Kardashian-studded party slideshows, too.
Most stunning of all was the story of Vogue's first-ever cover model. Her name was Toto Koopman, and she was "a biracial, bisexual model-turned-spy" who appeared on the cover of the August 1933 issue — and whose biography we will be searching out, stat.
Head over to T Magazine for lots more facts and figures that prove Vogue has been too fabulous for life since its very earliest days. (T Magazine)

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