Why You Need To Bust Out The Scissors This Week

There are certain items that honest-to-goodness look better when you make them yourself (and no, we're not giving you the Coddler Mom spiel — it's true!). You could buy things like cut-offs, cropped jeans, and ripped pants "brand-new" and pre-distressed, but it's a lot more authentic, not to mention cheaper, to give it the ol' DIY treatment.
So, if you find yourself staring at your clothes feeling both overwhelmed by your stuff and underwhelmed by the options, consider taking a pair of scissors to an item you haven't touched in a long, long time. Whether they're pants that are too faded, a skirt that's a touch too long, or a bandana you don't know what to do with, let the following slideshow dictate your crafternoon.

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