This Is How French Girls Do Green Eyeshadow

Our obsession with French women and their beauty habits is nothing new. There's just something about them that screams, "I know I look gorgeous and made up, but, honestly, this face took less than five minutes to put on." These ladies embody effortless beauty, and we jump at any chance to mimic their look. And, now, it appears Lancôme might've caught on to our infatuation.
Channeling the chic nature of the modern French woman, the brand's fall collection, French Idole, is an ode to their cultivated way of life. Think eyebrow pencils, neutral eyeshadow palettes, dark nail polish, liquid eyeliner, and bold-red lipstick (because, let's be serious, no French-themed collection would be complete without one). It's a simple compilation of neutral-but-not colored products that isn't trying too hard. That's one of the many characteristics we admire in Parisian femmes as well.
Click ahead to see all the products that will have you feeling like a French girl in no time.

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