Anna Kendrick Proves Her True GoT House By Addressing Dating Rumors

On Wednesday, Anna Kendrick took to Twitter to set the record straight about her love life. She was rumored to be dating Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen, after the two were spotted dining together at SushiSamba in Las Vegas. The actress responded directly to Gawker on Twitter, saying she's sorry to report the rumors are untrue. The Internet erupted with cries of joy and cries of "she's such a Stark."
Well, guess what? Kendrick appears to have deleted this tweet. (Bum bum buuuuum. Deleted tweets: What do they mean?) And, upon further examination of her Twitter account, girlfriend is actually a tried-and-true Lannister.
This isn't an easy truth to hear, but the evidence at hand is overwhelming. Ahead, 10 rather convincing tweets that prove her Lannister affiliation. Plus, is there anywhere more romantic than SushiSamba? Nope. I'm onto you, Kendrick.

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